Happy Birthday Brett AKA Wayne!

CrossFit Games Open: Have you registered yet? Starting March 6th the CrossFit season kicks off with the Open, the most inclusive competition in the world. The top athletes and teams in each region from the Open will move onto Regionals. The best athletes and teams at Regionals will compete at the CrossFit Games, the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth. One workout will be release each week for five weeks. We at CrossFit Stealth will be preforming these workouts weekly on Thursdays. Regardless of age and ability level, ALL CrossFit Stealth members are encouraged to register and affiliate yourself with CrossFit Stealth. Not only will you be able to officially submit your scores and see how you compare to athletes all over the world, but you will also be repping CF Stealth in the CF community. All members please register here: http://games.crossfit.com/affiliate/3545 and affiliate yourself with Stealth.

Nutrition Challenge:  Don’t forget to hand in your log books for week 4..2 more to go!


Warmup: Stretch

WOD: “CrossFit Total”  Last performed on 7/2/12

13 Minutes at each station to find your 1 RM of each movement for one total score

Start each station with a couple of warmup sets gradually increasing weight

  • Back squat – 1 RM
  • Shoulder press- 1 RM
  • Deadlift- 1 RM