** Don’t forget!  NEW SCHEDULE CHANGE. Check MindBody to make sure you have signed in for the correct class times.

Also, this Saturday we’ll be having a BBQ with CF Marlboro here at Stealth. Please comment on this post if you plan on attending. We will be doing a WOD with them followed by booze and food. Also, please comment what you plan to bring so we don’t have an abundance of one thing…unless it’s booze of course.**

Warm Up: 15 min of Lower Back Mobility

WOD: 5 Rounds, 2min AMRAPS, 2min Rest

– 200m Row Sprint

– 8 SDHP (RX= 95/65#) (C-RX= 135/95#)

– Max effort burpees over bar



Warm Up: Stretch

Strength: EMOM10

– 2 Bench Press

* Partner up with someone using the same weight as you and take 30secs each to execute the 2 reps.

* Increase the weight every other minute

WOD: Gonna do a little modification of one of the GAMES Workouts..

7min AMRAP:

– 5/3 Muscle Ups (Sub bar muscle ups or 2x chest to bar pull ups)

– 5 HSPUs

Rest 3 min

For Time:

21 med ball v-ups (20/14)

15 Snatches (140/100#)

9 Burpees over bar

*7min time cap