Ankles and AMRAP

Matt, John, Jenny, Raquel and I will all be traveling out to the Reebok CrossFit Games in California this upcoming weekend. Be sure to check it out online and try to find us in the crowd. Wes will be covering all of Friday and Saturday classes. Take care of her!

*Please note the NEW schedule changes that will take effect starting on July 29th. Fundamentals is now the last class of the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Barbell Club now starting at 7:45PM on Tues/Thurs. There will no longer be a Saturday Barbell Club!

*Also, please keep in mind that our CrossFit Kids program will be starting up TODAY! If you plan on attending the 4:45PM classes, please be mindful and respectful of the children we will have in the gym. No throwing weights/equipment around and definitely no profanity! Thank you.

* On Aug. 3rd we will be having a BBQ here at Stealth with CF Marlboro. Clear your schedules and attend!


Warm up: We will be spending 15 minutes working on ANKLE Mobility.


– 6 Burpees

– 9 HSPU

– 12 Box Jumps (RX= 24/20) (C-RX= 30/24)

Finisher: 3×20 Hip Extensions



Warm Up: Stretch

Strength: EMOM20

– 1 Deadlift

*Increase weight every other minute by 5lbs. Work up to either a new 1RM or within 5-10lbs of your current 1RM. Let your body/technique determine your load.

Conditioning: For Time


– Deadlifts (RX= 225/155) (C-RX= 315/205)

– Chest to Bar Pull-ups

*200m Run after every set of Pull-ups