Meet the Girls

It’s not going to be said again. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR EQUIPMENT OUT AND DO NOT LEAVE IT UNCLEANED. Next time someone is caught leaving the gym without following this rule, 50 burpee penalty. We know who you are.

* On August 3rd, we will be having a BBQ with CF Marlboro here at Stealth. Be sure to clear your schedule and come hang out! More details to follow.

Warm- Up: Partner stretching, we’ll show you some drills that you can make a friend stretch you out with!

WOD: Teams of 3


Partner 1- “Isabel”

– Snatch 30 reps (135/95#)

Immediately following partner 1, Partner 2- “Grace”

– Clean and Jerk 30 Reps (135/95#)

Immediately following partner 2, Partner 3- “Jackie”

-1000m Row

– 50 Thrusters @45lbs

– 30 Pull ups


Obviously this workout is going to take a lot of communication. This entire workout is FOR TIME. So just because you may want to do “Jackie”, but you’re better at “Grace”…for your team, you should probably do “Grace”. Each of these workouts should not take more than 8 minutes. So scale accordingly please. You’re going to get a good workout regardless. ONE BAR PER TEAM.





Warm up: Stretch out your hamstrings, hips, quads and calves A LOT. We’re going to be doing some crazy things today..

Strength: 15min to find a 1RM on Clean and Jerk


*We are going to be in the back area of the parking lot, so please make sure you are not parked back there.

– 30 seconds max effort Truck/Car Push

– 10 Box Jumps @24″

Rest 3min and repeat for 5 total rounds