Sunday Update

Be prepared to start seeing Sunday posts on the site. I will give you guys a heads up of what to expect in the upcoming week and every now and then I may post an “at home” WOD to do. I (Emmy) have started to take over the programming for the Daily WOD’s here at Stealth and let me just tell you a few things I have in mind…

1. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will challenge you. Just like all of our WOD’s. Thursdays are a programmed “Rest Day” at the gym. MEANING- you shouldn’t want to come to the gym and do 2 workouts on Open Gym day. Open Gym is an awesome opportunity for you to MAKE UP a workout you may have missed, OR to work on MOBILITY, SKILL or a GOAL. This is in YOUR best interest.

2. Speaking of Mobility. We will be doing at least one mobility session a week. So instead of having a strength or skill in the beginning of a WOD, we will be spending 10-15 minutes working on Mobility and showing you some things that you should be doing on the regular to help you improve. Flexibility is a form of fitness, don’t forget that. Just because we are doing “stretching” at the beginning of class, does not mean you can show up late. There will still be a burpee penalty.

3. You will start to see more “Strength” in the beginning of WODs. These will follow more of an EMOM (Every min on the min) type of program as opposed to a 5×5 or 3×5. This allows you to keep up the intensity in a lifting session. Remember, it’s still your responsibility to warm-up accordingly instead of just throwing weight on and getting after it. It also helps us, as coaches, to maintain a class and keep them to 45 minutes. We hope you guys start to see some huge improvement in this area.

4. Leave some feedback on the site! I know many of you didn’t even know you could do this. If you click on the daily WOD, you can scroll down at the bottom and leave your name and a comment. This is OUR gym. We want to hear what you have to say. Tell us your thoughts about the WOD, tell us what you want to see, ask us questions. Just as you guys are trying to become better athletes, we are trying to become the best coaches we can be for you. Let us know what we can do.

So with all that being said…here’s what to expect this week

Monday– OHS and Conditioning Couplet

Tuesday– Mobility and AMRAP

Wednesday– EMOM Triplet

Thursday– Open Gym

Friday– Max Effort and Chipper


We as Coaches really hope you get excited about the things to come here at the gym. Lets get after it together.


  1. Thy Tran says:

    This sounds great!

  2. Brian Zigman says:

    Emmy, I particularly enjoyed Friday’s WOD and Saturday’s Barbell. If you have some time, can you post some mobility exercises that do not require the use of a foam roller (obviously to do at home) to prepare us for the upcoming week? Thank you- Brian Zigman

  3. Marshall Lane says:

    More Strength, more Mobility — sounds great! Weekly preview is a great idea too. Would it be possible to work in advice/tips on nutrition? Like healthy food choices or supplement advice?

  4. Sofia Gutierrez says:

    I love that you are posting BBC now. Thanks for that! Have you guys thought about adding more yoga classes during the week and/or Sundays?

    • Megan Shanley says:

      I agree Sofia. … I would love the idea of weekly yoga options… I try to get to Saturday but usually something comes up.

  5. Hazel-Anne Johnson says:

    I do appreciate that the BBC WODs are posted & the new weekly preview, thank you! I would love some more guidance on skills, e.g., handstand push-ups. This could be during the WODs, which might require an hour-long class, or perhaps there could be a dedicated Skills WOD during a few of the class times on open gym Thursdays and/or on Sundays. I would also love more yoga class options. Thank you all for everything you do to make Stealth so awesome!! 🙂