Trrrrruster Me.

*On Aug. 3rd we will be having a BBQ here at Stealth with CF Marlboro. Clear your calendars. Now.

This should go without saying BUT…any time there is someone in a class that is new, or you do not know, please introduce yourself. Think about how you would want to be treated if you were dropping in at an unfamiliar box or just graduated Fundamentals and it was your first class. The best part about CrossFit (and CrossFit Stealth) is the community. The more, the merrier.

Lets end the week on a good one…

Warm Up: Stretch

Strength: EMOM12

– 3 Thrusters

* Increase the weight every other minute. This should be heavy. Going for unbroken sets of 3.

WOD: For Time

– 4 x 250m Row Sprints w/ 2min rest between efforts

– Immediately following your 4th sprint, 3min max effort Burpees

– 3min Rest then,

– 2min Plank Hold

Score= total time + Burpees